Tuesday 18 August 2015

Evaluation of Bangladesh's economic performance and strategy for the future

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Evaluation of economic performance

Basics for non-experts:

I find (not scientific/statistically rigorous though) that:

a. Performance does not really vary across political/governance regimes, contrary to the claims of the politicians as usual.
b. While good, BD performance does not necessarily fare that well vis-a-vis other countries in the region and elsewhere.
c. It seems nearly impossible to become Upper Middle Income (UMI) country by 2021 (as the PM wishes) or even by 2031.
d. Becoming UMI needs to reorient the economic strategy [conclusion section].

Regards.  -- Mahtab

PS: I wish to acknowledge the vigorous discussions (on related issues) that I had with my DU Econ classmates and of course the teachings of my Econ teachers. Any error/omission is solely mine.

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